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I draw stuff.  I have been drawing stuff for a living for a long time.

About Me

My name is Courtenay Hippert, and I am the sole proprietor of Katzchen Studios.  I have done a bajillion things in my lifetime, but today I'm going to talk about Katzchen Studios.  Katzchen Studios came to be in December of 1996. Shortly after it's inception, I attended Katsucon 3 in Virginia Beach, VA in March of 1997, and thus begun my crazy con circuit.

I've met many other wonderful artists in my travels up and down the east coast, a few of whom I consider good friends.

I retired the studio in 2007 after 10 brilliant years, due to a number of personal issues that required a lot of my attention, including my marriage to Russell Hippert, who now is involved in some Android development.

In early 2009, I enlisted Active Duty in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician, which is my current "day job". I will be active duty in the military, at least until mid 2015.

In my KTZ related travels, I have attended many events and conventions, including Katsucon 97-06, Pennsic War 97-08, Otakon 00-04, Big Apple Anime Festival 02-03, Anime Weekend Atlanta 00-04, 06,  Nekocon 99-06, Shoujocon 00-03, Ohayocon 02-04, Pittsburgh Comic Con 97-04, 06, and a few others, spanning all of the east coast, spending the most time in VA, MD, PA, and NY, with the occasional OH, TN, MO, and CA. I intend to one day attend Comic Con International in San Diego, and GenCon in either Indianapolis or Anaheim CA, but that's contingent on where Uncle sends me next.

I intend to return to Pennsic War in the future. 


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